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A Message to Our Patients

Welcome to Wayne County Hospital! The staff and I feel honored to have the privilege of providing your healthcare needs. Our goal while you are here is to make you as comfortable as possible. Our mission is to provide quality healthcare with a personal touch.

Even though Wayne County Hospital is a small rural hospital, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at all the services that we offer. And we do all of this while providing a more community – focused, personal touch approach to care. You may have family or close friends providing your care, and I think you will find that this is most comforting in a time of illness.

I would encourage you, your family and friends to read the information provided on our website. Please read the section regarding your rights as a patient here in our hospital. Should you feel that your rights and needs are not being met, please do not hesitate to speak with the Chief Nursing Officer or me. The Chief Nursing Officer may be reached at 1-606-340-3218. The hospital staff will contact her for you after hours. I may be reached by phone directly at 1-606-340-3283. We want to ensure that your needs are met.

Again, thank you for allowing us to provide your healthcare and we hope that you will allow us to be your healthcare provider of choice for any future healthcare needs.