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Your hospital bill includes charges for basic daily room rate and other miscellaneous charges incurred during your stay at our facility. The basic daily room rate Includes:

• Room • Housekeeping • Linen • Meals • Maintenance • Laundry •  Nursing care • And any other service that needs to be provided to meet your needs

Other miscellaneous charges include:

• Laboratory • Recovery Room • Radiology • Respiratory Therapy • Physical Therapy • Medications• Supplies • And any other service that needs to be provided to meet your needs

Unless the charges are covered by an accepted insurance or governmental assistance program, all charges for services provided by the hospital are due and payable upon discharge from the hospital. Some departments such as radiology and Emergency Department have separate charges for professional services and will render separate bills for these services.

Your hospital bill does not include charges from the physicians who provided you care while at the facility. Your attending physician, surgeon, radiologist, or any other professionals who provides services will bill you directly for any charges.

Upon admission, if you have acceptable hospitalization insurance you may or may not be required to make a payment. This depends on your policy stating if there is a co-payment applicable. Any insurance information needs to be presented at time of admission. Often most insurance plans do not provide full coverage of the hospital bill. Your coverage for hospitalization is a contract between you and your insurance company and while we make all attempts necessary to receive proper payment for your claim, you are ultimately responsible for your account and any fees involved in collecting.

Medicare and Medicaid patients should bring their current identifications cards with them. Any deductible, co-insurance amount, or disallowed amount will be the responsibility of the patient.

If you do not have insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, then you must make arrangements to talk with the patient financial advisor.
This person will work with you and your needs In seeing that the hospital bill for services is taken care of.